Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Like That Damned Bad Penny, Here I Am Again

Hello All: Back from Peru. Exhausted, refreshed, with my teeth looking very good and a clean bill of health on my body after a battery of tests. I missed you all. And I missed my family. Of course, I had a wonderful time with my guests and my friends in Iquitos and the jungle--when I am there I am there 100 percent--but come time to come home and I desperately miss my kids, Chepa's kids, my granddaughter, my friends.
Right now, Madeleina is playing the piano I got her for Christmas. She's learning quickly. It feels very right to be here at my dest while she plays in the next room. Just fantastic.
And while Chepa and the babies are upstate with her boyfriend for spring break, I did get to see the girls before they left and that was priceless.
And Marco and Italo and Sarah have been over, which means I've gotten to see Taylor a few times, as well. She is just perfect. Makes me laugh.
There was a party at my house for Taylor Rain's second birthday while I was away. The whole extended family and friends came--including Chepa's boyfriend, whom Madeleina resented for being in my house. I understood--we're never going to be friends, just because--but I tried to get her to lighten up on it. Resentment serves no one.
I happened to call Chepa the day of the party. There was commotion at her house and I asked what was up. "We're getting ready to go to Mr. Peter's Ranch"--my house--"for Taylor Rain's party" she said.
"Why my house and not your house?" I asked, surprised at the venue.
"Because we're going to have everybody over and we're going to make a big mess, maybe even have a food fight," she said. "And I don't want that mess at my house. Better to wreck your place."
So Chepa remains Chepa. Crazy but hilarious.
The woman taking care of my house while I was gone, Emily, got it all cleaned up before I came home.
Right now Em and another friend who flew in from Washington, are in the back yard. They are in San Pedro medicine. They are sitting on blankets under a soft blue sky. The ceremony was lovely. I hope the medicine gives them something good, something deep, something that works on their bodies, hearts and spirits. I check on them and sing a little every few minutes. I think they are doing fine.
So here I am, back again. I've already got three deadlines for stories by Monday. Then a cover story due in three weeks. I am also planning three jungle intensives for June and July, so while I'm exhausted I'm still busy.
I'm glad to be home. I'm glad Boots and the new dog and the cats and the goat--only one left--are doing well. I hope you are all doing well too.


Kuchinta said...

Welcome back, Peter! You have been missed :)

Joce said...

Good Morning Peter! It is great to 'see' you at home and living your crazy, wonderful life full of your family and friends.
Thank you a million times over for an experience like no other. You are definitely one in a trillion and I am so glad Dan found you and we all got to go along for the ride.
Much love to you,