Monday, April 09, 2012

Now Madeleina is 15

Well, today is my daughter Madeleina's 15th. She's more like 35 but at the same time she's sometimes 10.

I never wanted kids. I worked hard to avoid them. But my life would not have been as rich as it has been without Italo, Marco and Madeleina. And without Sierra and Alexa, Chepa's new babies, who this minute are clamoring for new paint because they've gone through the good water colors I've given them. Twice. I'll pause for a second to replenish the colors.
Done. So really, my life would not be as rich. I might be better read, might quote a few people with a bit more statesmanship than I can, but I'll take changing diapers for their lessons over Byron anytime, and I like/admire Byron. Not sure I'd trade what I learned changing diapers over having read Beaudelaire in the original, but it's sure close.
None of that matters really. Tonight I celebrate my daughter Madeleina's entre' into her 16th year, having finished 15 of them to get here. So she's 15 now. And I'm proud of her as can be. She's out playing with Minute, the remaining goat, now, on the newly mowed lawn I've been working for days.
Ribs and chicken are in the oven. Asparagus are ready to plunge into steaming water and they've agreed to give up their spirit to her. Good rice with better garlic is nearly done. Madeleina's brothers will be here in an hour, after work. Someone will wrap the presents. Chepa will bring the cake, I hope. We'll sing a song of celebration. Madeleina, 15 today, will behave like a good 15 year old and resent it all.
Inside she'll love the celebration. Inside she'll revel. But 15 is a tender age: Not a child, not an adult. Delicate age.
Happy Birthday, Madeleina! We love you having come into our lives. You enrich us and I hope that at least some of what we, your family, and particularly your dad, does, enriches you as well.

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