Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Something I Told Morgan About Spirit Interaction

Okay, so my friend Morgan Maher, who illustrated my book and has put together the upcoming Evolver Series on Visionary Nutrition, asked me something in an email recently about how I felt about something or other. I forget how it happened but I answered him and forgot about it. Then today he surprised me by posting my response on Facebook. And I have to say I sounded like a decent and intelligent person in my response to the forgotten question. So here it is and I'm proud I said it because I believe it.

Visionary Nutrition - Essential Elements:

“I think that once a person is aware of the life in everything, they can begin to access the spirit of everything. And once they can do that they can interact with those spirits. I'm talking about the spirit of the creek, the bricks in your house, the hundreds of spirits roaming your kitchen. This universe is full full full of life and life force. The roll of shamanic knowledge for us westerners introduced to those spirits is to spread that knowledge, make communication easier.

And if we can do that--a big task, no doubt--then the way people interact with the world and the spirits of the world and universe will change, automatically, from one of dominance to one of cooperation. And when we, mankind, begin interacting with the world, rather than trying to dominate it, well, I think mankind will be better off. The world and its spirits don't really care if we do, for the most part. Trees will be here long after we're gone, and so will stones and bricks and clouds and the moon. So it's really up to us to take an interest if we are to make the friendship of those spirits. And thus far, for most of us throughout mankind's short history on this planet, that effort has not been made. Which has left us losing out on so much we might have learned. Who knows what we have missed simply by not asking a plant what benefit it might have for mankind, rather than saying "tree, chop it and burn it for fire."

I think the universe has all the secrets of the universe. And our arrogance in trying to continually conquer the universe rather than communicate with it, has kept us from being taught those secrets. And how delicious they might be!”

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