Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quite a Week

Well, it's been quite a week. Good but hard.

I finished the cover story I was having a hard time doing and I think it came out okay. It is at and the title is "Your Land is My Land" and I think it's worth a read for those of you who only know me via my blog or book. Though it was rushed at least two weeks before it might have been all that I wanted it to be, the story is still strong--in part due to my fantastic, if difficult editor, Gayle R. She's got a right. She's won both a Polk and a Pulitzer.
So that was good. I put it to bed Tuesday night.
Wednesday evening I fell asleep answering emails at 7 PM and unless Madeleina woke me I would have slept till 9 AM right there on the keyboard with keys embedded into my face. But she did and I went to sleep on the couch in my office and didn't wake till about 8 AM.
Thursday I worked on the new cover story due on Friday--at least in draft--and began to clean the house because a former guest was coming over Friday. I also spent an hour learning how to do a webinar because I had a 2 1/2 hour web cast to do today. And I never did one before.
Friday morning I scrubbed, vacuumed the house, washed the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom floors, scrubbed the cabinets in the kitchen, polished the wood furniture, then did a webinar sound check, then raced to Arlington to pick up an award at the Society of Professional Journalists (Fort Worth Chapter) annual dinner with Madeleina, which was very cool, then raced home to meet the former Amazon guest who came in for the night from Mexico on his way to Nashville.
We stayed up late drinking from a bottle of Mescal he brought me--nobody drunk, just having a few drinks--then got up this morning, made a ham/three cheese/onion/garlic/red pepper egg souffle for my guest, chatted, put him on his way and then did the webinar.
Along the way Chepa, the wife/ex-wife made off with a credit card of mine to buy a new tree for her yard, and I organized dinner for everybody.
Whew! I'm still pooped.
But it's been a cool week. I like it when I'm jammed and fight through the maze.
And I especially like it when my house is clean, smells clean, and the old stuff is polished to a bright sheen.
Have a great Saturday night, everybody! I'm gonna hit that couch and don't expect to be up for eight good hours.
PS: Oh, and Sierra painted one of my legs blue night before last. It's still blue, so I guess that means I've forgotten to shower.
I'll squeeze it in.
Ain't life and the living something grand???
I think so. And if I'm allowed, I'm asking for another 20 years. Yeah, or another 50. It can only get better and it's already there.

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