Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Feeling Alright, Not Feeling So Good Myself....

Well, Damnit! This sort of sucks.

I told you all that I fell for someone in Iquitos. I know it was fast, and that she was white and I have not fallen for a white woman since 1987 or so--I just have loved Peruvians since then, but then this woman, a grown up, came into my life and something clicked and that was that.
And she was fantastic for me. Broke open a shell I didn't even know I had built around my heart. Not saying I fell in love--that takes time testing--but I did fall for her.
And then today there was a sort of Dear John letter about a curveball in her life and she'll be in touch and I'm just sayin' that sort of stinks. Did she forget to tell me she had a husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend? Did she forget to tell me she's about to do three years in the state pen? Did she put on her glasses and see what I really looked like?
I don't know.
It ain't gonna kill me but I am not really dancing around the house this second, if you know what I mean.
Damnit! I thought she might be a keeper for the next 20 years.
Still, I loved the loving and kissing for the short time I had it. And that was good.
Nuts. Want more.
Just saying what's on my mind is all.
Sorry for the bother/blather.


23 said...

Maybe the Universe just wanted to remind you how lovable you are...and decided to wake that part of you up with some sweet kisses...just saying.

Peter Gorman said...

Well, is this from Canada? If it is, eh? then someone better be calling soon. Just sayin'.