Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Night, Just Getting By...

Okay, so it's Saturday, August 25 at about 6:40 PM and I'm getting by. Not by much. But still, better than nothing. My stinking conjunctivitis still has one of my eyes leaking copiously after 8 weeks!!! And that's after a full 10 days of Cipro antibiotic and antibiotic eye drops. The funniest part is waking up at 3AM to take a leak--as guys over 55 will tend to do--and not being able to open my eyes because the leak has so much salt in it that my eyes are sealed shut.

On the other hand, I've written some kick-ass stories the last couple of days, or the last couple of weeks, and that feels good. I also had all the kids over yesterday for hours, including cousins and they went through nearly 10 pounds of chicken and two pots of rice. Little kids--the oldest was six--eat a lot. A lot. I'm doing my second load of washing from the visit as I write this.
Then for food today I was starving for something with meat. I don't really like the meat much, but the meat is the excuse for the baked potato or rice and I really love a good baked potato. my kids didn't come over for dinner much this week, I had a problem. I had a full pound of salmon filet left. I had two pounds of mussels left. I had a full chicken breast left. I had two pounds of fajita meat left. Plus some really brown, rotten, sweet bananas.
So I decided to cook everything. I cleaned and cooked the mussels simply, in garlic/olive oil and cilantro (I've got good bread for dipping and am sort of tired of tomatoes and wine as a sauce). I cooked the salmon in garlic/olive oil/diced red peppers/fresh ginger and a light teriyaki to finish it. The skin is like salmon candy. But I'm not eating that tonight. I'll turn that into a salmon omelet, or six, in the morning.
The chicken I cooked, nice breast, for Boots, the Wonder Dog, to go along with a couple of huge chicken legs and a couple of chicken hearts/livers/kidneys. Keeps him strong and keeps him out of the neighbor's chicken coop.
Then I made the kilo of fajita meat that would have gone bad in another day or so. Garlic/olive oil/onions/tomatoes/red and green peppers/spices/vinegar/stock/plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Gonna eat that, a little of it, over rice--I know it's not a traditional fajita, but it's damned good--with an appetizer of the mussels.
And then, I faked a banana bread, which is gonna be delicious.
Now, if I had my druthers, I mean if God came down and said I could eat what I want, I'd probably cook a ribeye steak, then eat the fat and toss the meat, and follow that with half-a-gallon of mint chip/chocolate/pistachio ice cream with about a gallon of home made fudge sauce, hot.
God didn't come. I'm stuck with the mussels and a small portion of fajita. And then salmon until it's finished. Damnit. Good, but the salmon has all that asparagus and fresh spinach, and while I love that stuff, sometimes I just want a piece of fat to suck on!!!!!!!!
Gonna live to be 100, just wait and see. And for my 75th birthday, I'm eating chocolate ice cream or fudge or something like that for a whole week!!!!!
Have a great night everybody!

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