Saturday, August 18, 2012

I Had Madeleina and Italo Today

Today, I had Madeleina and Italo. Italo came over early to work on the air conditioner. The big one in the attic crawl space. We just replaced the fan and the motor two weeks ago and everything was good. But two days ago that motor began shutting down one or two minutes after it was turned on. And this being Texas, even though we had a respite from the heat of the last couple of weeks, it was still hitting 93-95 degrees Farhenheit daily, which has made sleeping difficult to impossible.

I checked the parts I knew how, and they all worked. Then Italo came over this morning and we began to take things apart one by one. We finally took the new motor to the place where we bought it and the guy said it was no good. He gave us another. And Italo put it in place. I hope it works. Because it's been hot here without air conditioning--and I'm not a fan of air conditioning. Up to about 90 Farhenheit I can deal with it; after that I'm a big sissy.
So Italo worked, Madeleina suffered, I helped. And now it's all working again. We'll see.
But how nice it was to have Italo and Madeleina over here all day. I made them food snacks--from watermelon, ice cold, to smashed new potatoes, to salmon slices. And they loved it. And that made me feel like a dad again. I have not felt like a dad in some time. So that was good. Cause I like being a dad.
Nuts, ain't I?

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