Sunday, September 23, 2012

Funny Week, Hope I Get Another

Well, it was a funny week, and if I was the one handing out new weeks to people, well, I'm not sure I'd give me another. Not that I'm fixing to die, just saying that I don't know that I did enough to earn another week here on this glorious planet. Did I actually do anything? Yes, did the rewrite on the new cover story that's up at about the possibility of a Texas mental hospital for the criminally insane and for those incompetent to stand trial being privatized. Wrote a couple of two hundred word short pieces for the paper as well. Got a good freelance assignment. Drove all over Joshua one day taking care of the local bills--water, electric, auto insurance and the traffic tickets I picked up for the missing car seat and the expired inspection sticker. Paid other bills via phone. Did some yard work, cooked a couple of very good meals, got Madeleina to school on time, cleaned house, saw Italo and Marco and the babies, made new medicine...but you know, I wasted a lot of hours. I spent a lot of time just reading newspapers on the internet. Felt like nothing was accomplished or even worked for that will advance this world a little.
   So I've got to climb out of that hole and get moving. Not exactly sure what direction, but something and something hard. It feels good to push myself and I guess I have not been doing that. So if I was the fella or gal reading the reports and wondering who was gonna get another week down here and who was going to be recalled, well, I might be on the recall list right not.
   I'm hoping I'm not. I'm hoping I get another week and this time I'll add more to the mix, or try. It's early Sunday morning. I think I'll start with a crisp mile walk and see what goes from there.

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