Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Great Medicine Weekend!

Well, the guests are gone, and I'm not sharing names, but half-a-dozen people, nearly all from former trips, came to my house to get a little seasoning. Which meant sapo, nu-nu, San Pedro for a couple and Ayahuasca for nearly all. And Madeleina had already told me not to "be an a-hole and ruin everything for everybody," or something very very close to that, and though I didn't like her tone or delivery, I deferred to her and stayed okay for the weekend. Now I don't normally stay up past about 9 PM because I get up at 5 AM or so and am awake two hours during the night, generally. But with guests arriving as late as 10 PM on Friday, I stayed awake, though slightly sudsy with exhaustion and a half-pint of Jim Beam. I think I was okay though, as there was no more alcohol in the house so I couldn't keep getting high.

And then Saturday was a medicine day--that's a fast day and though I was only recooking some medicine I had, I still fasted with the rest of them: They ate breakfast then fasted, while I took a couple of bites of the vegetarian souffle I made and skipped the roasted, smashed potato (You will have to ask me how to make that one, since it's fantastic but I'm not sharing until you ask), and all fruit.
There was sapo and nu-nu in the morning, just to get everyone lined up properly, then a day of cleaning out the garage, cooking down medicine, and one person with San Pedro. In the evening, several had aya: I could not, for the life of me, find my freaking voice, but I still was graced with a couple of new songs and the next thing I knew it was 12:45 and I was done. I mean done.
I stayed awake and yakked with one guest till nearly 4 AM while we watched the others to make certain all were okay before I tipped off to sleep, then got up at 8 to clean the kitchen--you'd be amazed at some of the creative places people vomited--and make breakfast. I made great burritos for those with the stomach for them (diced chicken thigh meat from chicken I'd made, beans, sour cream, pico de gallo I'd made a day earlier, plus real good cheddar) followed by fantastic watermelon.
There was more sapo after breakfast for the few who wanted it.
Monday was airport runs, with the few remaining behind having sapo and then San Pedro; Tuesday was the last of the airport runs after a bit of sapo for the last of the guests and then I simply was freaking bushed. I'd cooked, cleaned, made and served good medicine, and had no more to give. And since they've gone I've cleaned some more, done several loads of laundry, scrubbed the kitchen floor. Dang! No wonder I'm tired.
Still, I'm the one grateful that those people came. No, there was no money involved. Not a cent. I spent a fortune. But I got a weekend with some very special people, and that was/is priceless.
Thanks, universe.


Bill and Christi said...

Sure wish I were there, Peter.

Graccus said...

Dang, sounds great, but next time, let me know.