Monday, September 17, 2012

Odds and Ends...All Pretty Cool

So I'm feeling great. I'm broke, as always, but happy because I just paid my water and electric bills, my insurance, and the tickets I got a couple of weeks ago for having an outdated inspection sticker and for having Alexa in the back of the truck in a seat, not a baby seat. Never mind that in my little truck the back seats are sideways and won't fit a booster chair (though someone just told me where to get a booster seat made just for those little side seats, so I'll investigate). Boy, paying those off was great.

Then, I had an editor call and ask if I could do a freelance story. I don't have a contract yet, so I won't count my chickens, but if it comes through, that will be great because it will cover December's bills. As a journalist making ends meet, you've always got to figure what might be coming in a couple of months from now that can take care of the mortgage. So that would be swell.
I've also just sold four books today, and any day when I sell three or more is a nice day. And then a friend wrote that he felt like playing hooky from work one day this week, and since my cover story will go to bed tomorrow night, I told him any day after that would be great. He should just come ready to paint the creek bridge. Be cool to get that darned thing done as it really could use a fresh coat of barn red paint.
Doesn't take a lot to make me happy, eh? Just a nice day, a couple of cool little things.
Oh, and the internet is still surprising me. Since I first began taking note of what countries are reading this blog--I wrote about it a few weeks ago, I've added a bunch of countries in which people are reading this. I find that amazing. To the list I already had, in the last couple of weeks these countries have been added:











Saudi Arabia



Costa Rica



Dominican Republic

Trinidad and Tobago

Now, if we can get people in these far flung places to all read this blog, can't we get people to decide to make peace not war? That would something, eh?

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