Friday, November 02, 2012

Gotta Weigh in on Benghazi--Because the Lies are Wretched

Okay: I've worked for High Times magazine. I've worked for the cops in New York City. I've had a bar in Iquitos and personally squashed two horrible black ops the U.S. government was going to do that would have killed thousands. I have family connected with the CIA and I've got family connected with the bad guys, and they often are hard to tell apart, depending on the job on a given day. But I am tired of this Benghazi nonsense with Fox News demanding answers to a CIA operation in a war torn country, and I am dired of Sen. Issa with is committees and that nonsense. So here are a few responses I've given to people. I'm on a tear and I will cut you to pieces if you fight me here. I have the sword; no one else has anything. So just sit back, read, and deal with it.
PS: I love you all. I'm just mad at stupid people who cannot grasp the reality of simple situations. Peace.

You think it's really your business to know what the fuck the CIA are doing in a foreign 
country that is selling arms all over the place? You don't think the Ambassador was also working with the CIA? Come on, you are smarter than that. And it's nobody's fucking business what the CIA does on a day-to-day. If you want to dismantle security, fine. But if you like being protected, then you protect your assets. You do know that more than 30 people were successfully evacuated that day from Benghazi, right? And that maybe 100 or more foreign assets were protected. So we lost two mercenaries--and that's not good, but they were in it for the money, about $200.000 a year, and we lost one paper shredder, who was shredding the intel, and we lost one Ambassador, who was allegedly in Tripoli, but had changed his plans and gone to Bengazi for a dinner date with either a boyfriend or another operative concerning the gun running there. So what's your point? It's none of your goddamned business, at least until 25 years have passed, just like with all black ops. Before that it only gets people killed. And you are smart enough not to be the ass who posted this. I am incensed, yes, because I know how this stuff goes down. And no, it's not your business to know how I know. People's lives were saved by the dozen on this. Anybody saying different is a liar. And I hate liars. I still love you though--you're just completely misinformed and misled

My friend responded that he didn't like that the video was blamed for the attack. I almost choked on my browned swordfish on a bed of steamed asparagus with a gentle sauce of garlic, onion, scallions, tomato, red pepper, roasted sesame seeds and capers, with a side of broccoli, steamed then sauteed with a bit of salt pork , as well as basmati rice in garlic. I almost choked, but I didn't, because the food was too too too too too good. Now, back to the regular programming rant about dimwits and Bengazi!

The total evacs took several days. You want a president who gives up people at the airport? Or do you want a president who protects as many as he can. The ruse of the video--which caused havoc all over the middle east, with the single possible exception being Benghazi's attack--was a way to protect people. Heck, it's not like there are 20 Air Force 1's to get out people out of that kind of place. Even in Tripoli we don't have that presence. So it's delicate. You remember HT: It's delicate to do a centerfold. When are you open to arrest? When you arrange it? When you pick up 200 pounds? When you deliver it to the photographer? When you return it? I don't know if you ever did that stuff, but I can tell you that moving 1/2 ton for a photo shoot is a freaking scary thing. And there are lots of people involved. And the job, if you get busted, is to lie long enough to get everyone else free. That's the job. And while no one was moving pot in Bengazi, there were guns/arms/drugs/money being moved, and that's what our people were after: Trying to figure out who were the right guys, who were the wrong guys and then stopping the wrong guys. And maybe, must maybe, some of the right guys turned out to be wrong guys, and that left our guys in the lurch. Not a pretty place. But not something the president of the United States is supposed to talk about. Other people are at risk. It's a cautionary thing. It's a story to protect assets. This is not GW Bush outright lying about WMD's and outing a CIA operative because her husband, at the behest of the US, said there were no WMDs. This was an instantaneous situation where commanders on the ground called the shots. It sucks, yes. But there is no WW3 as a result of it. It's a tragedy, yes. But four dead, in a dangerous game that I wish we would grow out of, is a lot better than two dozen or 6 dozen dead.

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