Sunday, November 25, 2012

So Madeleina comes out of the bathroom...

So the other day, maybe a day or two before Thanksgiving, Madeleina went to take a shower. I heard her in the bathroom, yelling and asked if she was okay. She said she was, then went back to yelling. "I've never in my life...." "Who would do this to me?" "I am going to cut people's heads off for this..."
    And about 15 minutes later, out she came, wearing the same clothes she wore when she went in, dry as a bone.
    "Did you even take a shower, baby?"
    "No dad. Now I am going to ask you something very serious," she said. "Did you have a prostitue with long hair in this house while I was staying at mom's?"
    "No. Why would you ask that? I never do that..."
    "Then tell me exactly whose hair it is that completely clogged the drain. I had to pull out this long hair, the most disgusting globs of.....oh, I have to wash my hands again!"
    And off she went to scrub her hands.
    "I hate to tell you, darling, but that's your hair," I said. "And the white stuff is the soap scum that collects on it in the drain when you don't use the drain filter..."
    "I hate you!" she screamed, then gave me several Whack! Whack! Whacks! on my upper right arm for good measure.
    Nice to have you back, Madeleina. I missed you when you stayed at your mom's.


Devon said...

this story made my day :)

Frances said...

That surely is a funny story! She wouldn't have encountered such a problem if she had one of those acrylic bathtubs in her bathroom.