Thursday, November 08, 2012

So Much I Don't Know

There is a lot I know. And there is so much, so so much I don't know. I just recently discovered that I can go onto and call up a band or song I want to hear and voila!: someone has put it on youtube. I don't mean recording illegally--I wouldn't do that because I want the artists to get their cut--JUST LIKE I WANT YOU ALL TO BUY YOUR OWN COPIES OF MY BOOK--but I digress. But right now I'm listening to one of the all time great albums: Love's Forever Changes. A San Francisco band out of 1967 or so. Just fantastic: "and I could be in love with almost anyone, I think that people are the greatest fun...."
    WOW! I'm thrilled. And yesterday I was listening to the Blues Project, a New York band from 1964-67 that was unimaginably great. Two Trains Running; I Can't Keep From Crying; You Go and I'll Go With You, Baby; Spoonful; Backdoor Man; Flute Thing; Wake Me, Shake Me; Alberta; the very best blues band of the middle 1960s. Danny Kalb on guitar--and we're still waiting for a blues man to play the electric blues as well as he did; Al Kooper on organ and vocals--with whom I shared a joint after an appearance with B.B. King at the Cafe Au GoGo. Steve Katz played guitar and wild flute and Andy Kulberg played bass and Roy Blumenfeld on drums. Tommy Flanders, with an incredible voice, was the lead singer originally, on cuts like the lonesome Alberta, but he quit to be replaced by Kooper. Kooper was initially a studio guitarist, but when he was hired for Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, there was another guitarist there named  Mike Bloomfield--and was so embarrassed that he left the studio. But he hung around and played a Hammond B3 organ that he didn't know was on during Dylan's take of Like A Rolling Stone--and Dylan insisted it stay. Kooper later formed Blood Sweat and Tears and while still recording his own material, SuperSession, ReKooperation and so forth. He also played with everyone from Hendrix to B.B. King to Cream, appearing on their albums. But he also produced. His major hit with production wereLynyrd 's first three albums as well as The Tubes first album in 1975. I thought he was god, even though he was Jewish to my Catholic. He was so good he made me question being an altar boy. That's saying something.
    And when the Love album is done, I'm going to look for Blind Faith, which was Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker. Clapton and Baker came from Cream. Winwood came from the Spencer Davis Group--which I might look up after I play Blind Faith.
   I had no idea until two days ago you could do this with a computer. You just go to, press in a musician or group's name and songs come up. Yesterday I listened to Joan Armatrading! Can you imagine? Who invented this stuff? Who made this possible? Who do I owe for the pleasure???????This is just fucking wonderful and I'm in love with the idea! Who knew??? Certainly, nobody told me. But then they didn't tell me about masturbation either--assuming I knew--and subsequently I had no idea about that until after I had sex with D. at 18. I'm just a slow learner I guess. But I'm glad I learned about the Mastur...thing and I'm glad I learned about youtube and music too! WoW!!! There are some smart people in the world!

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