Saturday, September 28, 2013

Too Efficient for My Own Good

Well, I'm either getting too efficient for my own good or I'm the laziest man alive. Today is Saturday. I had a list of things to get to and did my best to avoid them. I did toss in a wash early today, then clean up the kitchen from last night and read the computerized newspapers while having coffee, all before 7 AM. Washed a floor, dug out a box of slides I needed and spent time going through them. When Madeleina woke I made us carrot/celery juice, then took a nap. A NAP at 10 AM because I couldn't figure out what else to do. The lawn needs doing but I'm still fixing the lawn mower. The garbage has to go to the dump but I'm not supposed to go to the dump with my leg on the chance I might pick up another infection if I slip in the muck--and everybody slips in the muck at the local building where we all go to toss our trash. The floor is a half-inch deep in other people's rotten chicken and the ick from the occasional dead animal tossed in there.
     Got up from the nap, made three more calls for a story I need to finish by Monday, arranged for friends to visit in early November, commiserated with a friend going through a divorce, wrote emails, got Madeleina off to her marching band duties, came home and made five calls and sent three emails for a cover story I need to have done in a week or two. Got responses almost immediately and now have added a whole new angle to the story--and still have some responses that will come on Monday. Then I headed out to see Madeleina's band play, got caught in a thick storm, which canceled the event, headed over to the supermarket, got some good stuff for dinner (chuck steak, seared black on both sides, then sliced thin and put back in the scalding pan for a moment with garlic, sliced, not diced, onions, lemon and a dash of Worcestershire sauce served with small roasted red potatoes (small portion), a little steamed broccoli and cauliflower and a mixed salad with a shallot/balsamic vinagrette).
     Got home, took a shower, changed my leg dressing, cleaned the cat box and still don't know what the freak to do. I mean, before the leg, this is when you burn off the energy with lawn mowing. This is when you clean the house, but I already cleaned the house.
     So I didn't do anything all day, but managed to kick it quite a bit, really.
     Oh, an after one last search for the photos of a former football player that NFL Films called me about, I managed to find them.
     But I'm still feeling like I cheated because I never broke a sweat.

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