Sunday, September 01, 2013

John Are, Get in Touch, Please

Not much of a post for most of you. Trying to reach my fantastic kitchen partner John Are, whose band Cruel Story of Youth had a fantastic, if over-produced album released in 1989. Unfortunately, their Publicity or A & R guy got fired or quit just after the album hit and a single shot up to maybe #39 if I remember right, and that was the end of that group.
    Butttttt.....John and I worked Wilson's kitchen for years together on New York's East Side, and he was good. Like all good partners, he got things done before you asked for them. Anticipation is vital in a lot of endeavors; in the kitchens it's double that.
    In the intervening years he became an attorney, I think an entertainment attorney down near D.C, but I cannot find him for the life of me. And I wanted to say hello. Just realized I did not look in the Legal Directory and I'll do that now. But if John Are happens to see this, shoot me an email or respond to this and drop your email.

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