Sunday, September 15, 2013

You Guys Did It! THANKS!

Well, you all have done it. You have hit the $15,000 mark--and passed it--on the Indigogo page set up to help defray the medical costs of my bacterial-flesh-eaten right calf. You have sent good wishes, love, light, medicines, contributions and just general great stuff. Thank you all. And then the hospital, Huguley, also kicked in by--for some reason they cannot explain--reducing my costs to date (there will be another stay and another operation or two) from $77,000 or so to $1,500. Plus, the nurses, doctors and everyone at that hospital treated me with genuine care. Fantastic.
    But today, here, I wanted to celebrate you. All of you. What you did for me shows that this small group can come together and do huge things. That is special. If we consider it, you/we--because next time I will be one of the givers and not the receiver--can do anything.
     So please celebrate yourselves. Know that I am thanking you deeply, warmly, wonderfully. If you were all here I'd make dinner for all of you. Which tonight is fresh shrimp with garlic/onions/olive oil and diced veggies (broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, yellow squash, green zucchini and spinach) over thin spaghetti. With a side of organic pineapple, raspberries and blueberries in good organic Greek yogurt with a touch of good vanilla.
     And thanks. I'll update you on the progress of the leg as it goes along, mostly on my blog--just look up peter gorman's blog so as not to fill up fb pages. First update: After more than 30 days I finally had my IV PICC (an IV tube with two heads inserted in my right arm and running to my heart which delivered merrem, a powerful antibiotic against the pesky pseudomonas infection, the last of the four to still be putting up a fight) removed. Which means I don't have to watch the IV drip 4-6 hours daily, don't have to worry about "Oh, shit! I just put my hand in the dirty dishwater and got the IV stuff wet with dirty water!!!!" and stuff like that.
    That's for later. Today is just to say thanks. I appreciate it more than you know--being able to buy the meds as needed, pay the home nurse to show up regularly, pay for the docs and labs at the hospital--those things have let me work on healing, rather than worrying about how the hell I was going to pay it. You paid it. You sent love and light. You were fantastic. Thank you.

PS: A huge thank you to Alan Shoemaker, who asked people to send money to my paypal account, and to Morgan Maher, who took that idea and set up the Indigogo account. Neither asked me first, they just did it, knowing that I'd be yelling at them. Those are my friends and I'm lucky to have them.

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