Monday, November 11, 2013

Four Photos tell the Leg Story--DON'T LOOK IF EASILY DISTURBED

Okay, so I have not had the soul to write recently. I apologize. I don't know why that is so as I've been in town. Maybe just too much regular work and a backlog trying to get things straight financially and in other areas. I just know that I have not made up any new songs, not had that creative burst that I normally have every day. I did a lot of work for my newspaper and it's good. Very good. I wrote a Drug War Follies column for Skunk magazine, sold two photos--which took hours and hours to find--to NFL Films; wrote a column for High Times magazine. Have been dealing with the graft. Had three guests in for three/four days last week and fed them well--and they me--and did ceremony. I've gotten my February, 2014 trip to Peru lined up. I've paid my bills in advance for December, mowed the lawn, gotten my truck inspected and done 100 other errands. And I sang out loud for two days in the supermarket parking lots and in the supermarkets--not so loud to be annoying, just joyeus--and that was good. But the spark to write something from the heart, well, I've not had that. And I hope I do tomorrow.  I hope the magic is just taking a vacation, not quit on me.
    Still, some of you are asking how the leg is and here's the story: Last week, my fantastic surgeon, Dr. Ronny Ford, head of Surgery at Huguley Hospital not far from  here, told me the graft was good and that I should take off the bandages, keep it moist with Nivea skin cream twice a day and use sun block if I am going into the sun. Chepa says it's sort of gross so I should keep it wrapped in public. He said no, that it needed air.
    He does not read this blog. But if you are in need of surgery and are near Johnson or Tarrant counties, use this guy. Great sense of humor, great doc, great surgeon, nearly painless. Just Just Just fantastic. As were the wound nurses--Thank you, Dian--and everyone at the hospital. As were you all in giving enough to pay most of the bill that the hospital didn't forgive. All in all, if you had to have this nonsense on your leg, having it with my team in Peru and then here at Huguley, was the best way to have it. They saved my leg, they treated me like I was important. Great.
So here are the photos: Four of them from the worst to best: First is what this looked like when gangrene had done it's job. Second is when Dr. Fort cleaned it out. Third is the graph four months after it began and the last shows the thigh where Doc took the skin for the graph. That still hurts.


Kuchinta said...
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Kuchinta said...

Graphic indeed, Mr G! But so glad that the skin graft is coming along nicely.
Be well!

phoenix said...

Hi Peter,
Glad to see you are getting better. Much love to you.