Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Someone Wrote Something About Obama and I Took Exception

A very good friend of mine, someone who has been on a trip to Peru with me and at my house and whom I love, is under the spell of Fox news sometimes. Today she wrote about 10 things that Obama should do to give the country back to the people. It was a litany of insanity.
    I have no right to repeat what she wrote here, but I am going to post my answer and I think it will be clear where I stand on the issues and what issues she brought up. Just my take on things--and you're welcome to disagree.
This is how I responded:
One at a time: Obama was elected pretty overwhelmingly twice, so he's no usurper and no George Bush 2 appointed/anointed illegally by the Supremes.
Now, the push for amnesty for illegals is fantastic. We do not survive without them picking our fruit, paving our roads, tending our farms, and so forth. We also do no exist without them becoming doctors, scientists and so forth. For the bad eggs, Obama has deported the most illegals in the history of the US. So he's the strongest president on deportation, not weak. He just wants to keep people who have been here their whole lives through no fault of their own, here. Just like Texas Governor Rick Perry gives illegals "in state" tuition and allows nearly a million to work in Texas to help save the state--they are the primary road builders for Tx Department of Transportation, for instance--Obama knows what's good on this issue and who to deport.
Drone Attacks: Well, if you stop them you need to put US soldiers on the ground. You prefer more legless/armless/PSTD suffering/heroin addicts/homeless vets? Sounds very cruel to me. And considering that Obama is getting most of the bad guys we're going after with the drones, well, I don't like it either when grandmas get caught in the fire, but I really like our soldiers not being in war. Middle east soldiers coming home: Most are home. Bush put them there. Obama brought most home. Some remain in Iraq, but not fighting. Lots remain in Afghanistan but they'll be home in months. So that's mostly done, erasing the lies/wars of the Bush administration in just 6 years. Good for Obama. Oh, and he's the first president in several who is working on upgrading the VA and benefits. Tough to do when the Repubs won't produce the money for those vets, but he's doing a very good job with his hands handcuffed. In Dallas/Fort Worth alone we've opened several new VA spots for vets with PSTD to get help.
Patriot Act and NDAA have no chance of being repealed with current Republican obstruction. Not a prayer, so Obama isn't wasting time barking up those trees.
NSA DEFINITELY needs to be reined in. AGREE WITH YOU 100 percent.
EPA is a toothless thing. It needs to be able to shut down industry that kills citizens for profit. Anyone in their right mind who thinks the EPA over regulates is NOT IN THEIR RIGHT MIND. They need teeth, money, and the ability to just close dirty places. No more amnesty for industrial killers like tar sands, inner city gas drilling, cement plants in Texas being powered by burning old car tires. No more fertilizer plants next to homes.
Just my take. But given the lousy hand he's been dealt and a congress that has sworn to obstruct any thing Obama, the smart black guy, proposes, I think he's doing okay. Way way way far to the right of center--he's pretty right wing after all--but better than the last few Republican presidents; Reagan, Bush and Bush. At least he's trying to bring things back to at least sort of in the middle--even though he's satisfied with that being on the right wing side of the middle.
What I would like, some day, is a president who actually spoke for us lefties. People who care about people, not profits. People who want kids schooled, not criminalized. People who want the environment protected way more than a freaking zygote, people who want babies protected and cared for once they are born, not just forced to be born and then discarded.
People like me understand that most dishwashers can't be brain surgeons--but having worked kitchens for 18 years I know that not a single surgeon in the history of the world would be able to be a dishwasher--so why the disparity in pay, other than the cost of the education? The dishwasher, after all, keeps the surgeon health; very unlikely that the surgeon keeps the dishwasher healthy. Fruit pickers? I did that 40 years ago. Left after three days. Impossibly hard work. Yet we've got 10s of thousands of kids under 12 years old picking the fruit you and I eat every day. And they work here in the USA. They are six, seven, five years old. No age limit on farm work. They keep our food fresh, available and cost possible. I think they ought to get $200 a day. That would be fair. Just like good waiter or a dental assistant or a manager at McDonalds--after all, they keep you healthy too. That's where I stand, and my only regret with Obama is that we elected a centrist to the right, rather than a decent democrat leaning to the left.

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