Friday, September 19, 2014

Another Meal People would Kill for to Get to Eat

Well: I'm going with another recipe since all my efforts to change the world today have not worked. I need something to work my way. So here it is. I'm making short ribs with asparagus and salad, with an appetizer of good brie and lump crabmeat in tomatoes, baked.
    I've browned the short ribs, salted/peppered them and put some olive oil with garlic on them. They're in a 350 degree oven.
    I have asparagus I'll cook at the last minute: parboil then saute with a touch of olive oil and vinegar. I'm going with raspberry vinegar tonight on a whim.
    I have a small round of good brie and some good crackers/bread crust to grab it with.
    I have a nice organic spring mix salad ready to go with the best balsamic dressing in the world plus a bit of blue cheese.
    When it's nearly time, I'm gonna cut the organic beefsteak tomatoes in half and scoop them out. I'm gonna put on a good skillet and put olive oil and garlic and shallots and scallions and diced mushrooms and the inside of the tomatoes in there and scald those babies along with the crab meat. When it's really hot I'll pull it all, mix it, add the butcher ground black pepper, a tablespoon or two of prepared horse radish mix it all up and stuff those tomatoes. Top them with a bit of good parmesan drizzled with  a fantastic organic Spanish olive oil someone just sent me, then bake them for about 15-20 minutes with the short ribs.
    Then my friends and I are gonna sit down, drink wine, maybe take a toke, eat a bit of brie, snack on the baked tomatoes, then have a short rib with asparagus and salad.
    NOTE: Please note there is no starch beyond a bit of bread crust and no dessert. If there was this meal would kill you. As it is, we're taking chances and will need to walk a mile after dinner just to get through it.

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