Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Social Media Comment I Just Had to Make

There are some very nice people on Facebook. There are some dopes as well--at least from my political perspective. But then there is another bunch, good people for whom I think Facebook is so addicting they can't help but post a dozen times a day--and with at least some of those, they occasionally post something so incredibly short-sighted or misogynistic or cruel that I have to respond. 
    So yesterday, this perfectly lovely woman who posts perfectly cool things, suddenly puts up a picture of a guy named Greg Gutfeld, a Fox News host and a jerk who thinks he's funny. Next to his picture was this quote:  "A Smith & Wesson does more for empowering women than feminism ever could." 
    If he was a real satirist, it would have been hilarious. But it's the sort of thing he actually meant. So I had to respond. I did, with this:
    What a douche! Unless he means she should use it to get equal pay, to stop men from making sexual comments to her on the street, to protect her right to her own body without government interference, to blast the glass ceiling, to keep the vote, to shoot abusive boyfriends and husbands and all the rest of the empowerment that feminism brings. In that case, well, I would retract my initial comment and rephrase it "that's one dangerous motha fugga! He wants women to kill nearly every man they've ever met!!!!"

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