Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I'm Gonna Do it Again, So Be Careful or You're Gonna Cry Because You're Not Here

Sorry to do this to you meat eaters out there but here goes cause I'm on a roll. I bought a large pork loin roast 5.6 lbs a few days ago, thinking the family would have it over the Labor Day Weekend. Well, the family had other plans, and even when they did eat here they had specific requests that didn't include my roast.
   So today I decided to cook it because I didn't want it to go bad. I laid out a nice bed of organic celery in a baking dish. I laid a sliced onion in sections on top of that. I laid out four generous sprigs of fresh rosemary on top of that.
   I tied the roast up nicely with jute--Madeleina asking where the hell I learned things like tying up roasts and me saying I had no idea, I just knew how to to do it since I was born--then made some tiny cuts into it in which I put whole cloves of garlic. Maybe 15 altogether. Then I seared it in a good pan to seal up those cuts and get it brown enough to keep much juice from leaking while it cooked.
   I put the seared pork into the baking dish on the rosemary, onions and celery. Then I cut up two nice organic macintosh apples and three oranges--non organic--and mixed the pieces up in a bowl with lots of chopped garlic, a little olive oil and some teriyaki sauce. I put the whole mess on top of the well peppered--rough ground pepper is vital to pork--roast and put it in the oven at 335.
    It's been two hours, about 20 minutes a pound. It is perfect. I had Madeleina turn the oven off and it will finish up while I mow some lawn. I'll make a fruity gravy from the juices and serve it with a salad. I take blue cheese on an organic spring mix with a homemade garlic/scallion/olive oil/balsamic vinagrette; Madeleina takes romaine with feta and a ranch dressing. We both take organic grape tomatoes. But no, no potatoes, no rice, no starch. The dish is rich enough.
   Wish you were here. We've enough for 10. Italo just showed so we have enough for nine more. Come and get it.
PS: Naturally we're having sauteed spinach underneath the pork.

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