Wednesday, October 08, 2014

New Book, Please Order it So I Can Pay the Editors!!!! Or, Because it's a good book to have on your shelf

Dear All: In the most self serving of ways, here is an announcement of my new book, Sapo in My Soul, due out from Gorman Bench Press by Nov. 15. The book discusses the Matses' medicine Sapo, frog sweat, now called Kambo in some quarters. It touches on how the Matses gave it to me, how it was brought to Western Science, the actual science of it, the way to collect it properly, traditional uses, it's sister medicine, nu-nu, it's positive interaction with ayahuasca and a host of other topics. It's not gonna be a page burner all the way through. Some of it is. But even in the dryer parts It is going to be an important book because, for better or worse, I was the one who brought this medicine to the world outside of the indigenous Matses. I'm not sure what it will cost to print it, but I'm going to offer it, pre-publication, for $25 for a signed copy. If you live in Europe or Australia, I'm gonna have to say $35, because shipping is about $14 from the US. But if having a signed copy of a book in pre-publication by Peter Gorman, designed by Morgan Maher, with lots of pictures of the Matses and the frog and collecting the sapo and so forth, edited by a slew of the best darned editors in town means anything, well, buy it. You can send the money via paypal to my email address: peterg9 at
Thanks for listening to this totally self-serving announcement. I hope that those who invest their money wind up feeling that they got a bargain. I worked hard to make this a good book. Thanks. PG

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