Monday, October 20, 2014

This is Life with Lisa Ling

Just a quick note to let you know that Lisa Ling is doing a show on the ayahuasca boom in Peru. It is part of her show This is Life with Lisa Ling--which is now on CNN on Sunday Nights at either 9 or 10 PM Eastern Standard Time. I'm going to be in it for at least a few seconds--a question or two culled from the couple of hours of filming we did in the Belen market in Iquitos, Peru in July. She's a damned good journalist and though I have not seen the show, I'll bet she gets down to the quick of it. I do know she extensively interviewed my friend, the curandero Ron Wheelock. I can't say more because I don't know any more. But I'll be it will be worth taping/seeing. Her questions to me were sharp and on the money. That's it. That's this Sunday, October 26.


Richard_D said...

How do I contact Lisa or Laura Ling. I may be able to help her out with her health problem. I've helped others with 100% success.

Peter Gorman said...

I would contact Part2Pictures as they produce the television show. That is the only route I know to reach anyone involved with This is Live with Lisa Ling. You can find the contacts for the production company on the net.

CatsFive said...

Just finished your book (and happy to have read it, cheers). Thought I'd see what your blog was up to. Also, I'll add that a friend of mine was in that CNN piece. I have also been to that place, but perhaps dirt floors and the deep jungle should be on the menu next time for me? Anyway. Perhaps we shall speak someday.