Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bordering on the Obscene. What my dog, Boots, the Wonderdog, is eating tonight, is crazy.

I'm tired of the leftovers in the fridge. None of them are more than three days old, but with just my friend Devon and me to eat them, they will be old soon--my daughter is away at college so she cannot help--and then they are garbage. So Boots has sliced chicken breast and shrimp (Under 15s, so they are huge) with some veggies. Then he has a half a prime rib that a guest brought on Sunday. Then he has about a pound of roast beef with potatoes, broccoli and pan gravy to mix it all together. Hell, cheapest meat on the table is the air cooled organic chicken breast at about $9 a pound. Dang if that boy doesn't eat well sometimes.
Me and Devon? We saved what was left of the corned beef and cabbage for tomorrow, and tonight I'm making thick cut pork chops stuffed with spinach sauteed with garlic and shallots, mixed with fresh smoked mozzarella and parmesan, breaded, seared, baked, and served with good saurkraut (always cook for an hour or two, add vinegar, good black pepper, pan juices) and small red potatoes: boiled then seared in the pork chop pan juices. Gravy will be made with those same juices and include sliced pears and apples just to blow our taste buds out of the water.
I hope you all are eating well tonight. I hope everyone in the world gets something good to eat tonight. That I know there are hundreds of millions who will not eat well, who do not even have drinking water, makes me want to lash out. I know that if people would just stop being afraid--afraid that they won't have enough, afraid that they won't seem important, afraid that no one will share with them, hell, afraid of everything, then we could/would all share and there would be enough for everyone. End of world strife in 10 freaking minutes.
Anybody who is hungry who reads this, I'm sure there is something good for you to eat if you stop by. Please do not stand on ceremony.

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