Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Details of my Sapo Training Course

Someone asked me about my sapo course: Time, cost, what is involved in the training. Since I don't know that I've ever written it down, well, here it is.
Training is 10 days. Cost is $1500; if you stay at my house and I have to cook and clean, it's an extra $500. We eat well. Alternative, if you don't have a friend nearby, is a motel/rental car down the road two miles. Nice, clean rooms. My house is a relative steal if I have room available when you train. Details: First couple of days there are sort of long talks about the medicine, issues that come up with clients, the history, that sort of thing. By day 3 we're into more specifics and so some days there is an hour of talk; some days maybe not much.
In terms of medicine, there is a lot: Day one: One burn. Day two: two burns, first nu-nu if you want to learn that as well (no extra charge; no discount without it). Day 3: Three burns, and nu-nu. Day 4: 3 burns morning, 3 burns afternoon. You do your own afternoon burns, plus you burn me and whoever else is is the house, one burn each. Day 5: 3 morning, three afternoon, plus nu-nu, plus burn me, plus give me nu-nu. Day 6: repeat day 5, with more pain because you will be getting tired of being whipped by the medicine. Day 7: Kambo style application in the morning. Smaller burns, mixed with water, drinking water before medicine to facilitate vomiting. Day 8-9, I will call in several people each day for you to serve. I will supervise but let you run your show and quietly critique you. I will also act as your assistant on those two days.
You will also be serving nu-nu to those who want it, and will be expected to tell me what to buy to make certain that everyone has access to fast sugar (oranges), electrolytes (Limes/sea salt), and plenty of water for rehydration. I will buy the stuff or we can do it together, but I will expect that you will know what you need, top-to-bottom from your first week's experience.
You will be expected to know when people are allowed to leave--they've got to be fully back together--and if someone needs two extra hours, you will be expected to give them that. It's certainly something you will come up against regularly in your practice.
Day 10: A written exam. 25 questions, short essay answers. You can use my book or a computer or your class notes with me as much as you like: It is not a test to trick you but a test to make certain you have grasped enough to be able to answer the questions your clients will have. You are welcome to leave after day 9 and do the test at your leisure if you like.
If I left out anything, let me know.
Overall, you will be expected to do enough medicine that none of your clients will be able to BS you and tell you the big amounts they've done because you will have done 7 days, with three of those double days, more than most people have ever done in a month. You will be expected to know how to serve both sapo and nu-nu; sapo style and kambo style, and handle emergencies with aplomb. You will know who not to serve and why they can't be served. You will understand the need for an assistant for groups of three or more. You will be able to answer questions your clients have or know where to find the answers. Good?
And then , when you leave, you will get one fresh stick of sapo, and the remainder of the stick(s) you worked with. That will be more than enough medicine to repay the cost of the entire cost and then some--you will find you will get 25 or so (often more) people on a single stick. And you will have me to call when you run into things that throw you off. No limit to the help you can ask--I mean, reasonably ask. I want you out there helping people gloriously. That's what I am aiming for with this course.

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artBeat said...

Hi peter

I am in South Africa, wondering where you are based for this training? I'd love to train with you at some point.