Saturday, March 31, 2018

Tired but good

Getting tired. In the last week or so, two bridges over the creek painted with three coats--some to go on the big one--10 foot by 18 foot--but looking good. Friends finished the chicken coop redo and bought 14 chicks and two ducks today. Three huge loads of junk off to the dump--including a broken foosball table and a broken air hockey table that were family christmas presents when I was really broke and couldn't buy the kids individual big things, along with a rat-eaten weight bench set that the kids bought me one year. Plus old chicken wire, empty bottles, unidentifiable pieces of waterlogged tables and chairs that sat too many winters outdoors. New small patio finished on the office out back, which over looks the garden we're putting in tomorrow, as well as the seasonal creek and the chicken coop up on the hill. Office spotless as well and outfitted with a new chair/couch. Hay bought for the coop; organic hummus for the garden; roto-tiller rented and ready to go; baby chick feed in a nice new container, rat poison under the flooring in the coop house. Lawn needs mowing. I've had a lot of help, but I am both tired and broke. Ah, ain't life grand!!!

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