Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How mauch longer will I do Jungle Trips?

Someone wrote asking how much longer I'd do my jungle trips. This was my response:
    Thanks for writing. Actually, I have no idea how long I'll do the trips. I just plan one year at a time. My body is a little bit broken, but my heart is still in it, so right now I could say I'd do them for 5 more years. But if I have another intestine rupture and get cut open stem-to-stern for the fourth time, maybe I won't be strong enough. But maybe I will be strong enough. I'm 68 and feel like 35, with a body that's been beaten up by malaria, dengue, poisonous spider bites, poisonous snake bites, two non-poisonous anaconda bites that damaged nerves quite seriously in my right hand, a flesh eating bacteria that ate half my right foreleg (bone still intact, thank goodness), bot fly infestations....so how much longer? Hell, I still haven't gotten yellow fever, so until I do, I'll probably keep heading out.
   How's that for much more--and less--of an answer than you wanted?

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there was yourself said...

body follows the mind right?