Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hug a non-citizen, illegal today!

Had to respond to someone who copied a stupid meme suggesting that we cut off illegal aliens from welfare. I use the word stupid because only stupid people think illegals--whether from France or Mexico, or Guatemala, get welfare. Anyway, here is my beautiful response.
Non citizens do NOT get welfare. They do get emergency care in hospitals, they do get schooling. NO food stamps, NO welfare, No HUD housing. They DO pay taxes, but get NO returns. They DO pay social security, medicare and medicaid, but get NOTHING in return for that. Get it? Illegals pump us up, the DO NOT bring us down. If your social security and medicare are working, thank an illegal/non citizen today!!! If you ate fruit or vegetables or a chicken that you did not grow, hug an illegal/non citizen today. You owe them so much, and you give them so little. Make friends with your benefactors, don't bite them on the hand: That's the hand that feeds you, after all.

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