Friday, January 04, 2019

Trump's Government Shutdown

In any negotiation that has come to an absolute standstill, either someone blinks or the standstill continues indefinitely. In the case of funding our government, we do not have indefinitely: Too many federal people without paychecks and contractors who cannot meet payroll to allow the shutdown to continue much longer.
So here is my proposal: Trump's wall will require at least three major studies: An environmental study, a feasibility study, and a study to determine the actual need for investing in the wall. Those studies will need to occur before a single brick or piece of fencing can be erected.
Those studies will all take a couple of years to complete, after which it will take several years to acquire the private lands on which the wall is proposed to be built. So I suggest that Pelosi give Trump $1 billion to begin those three studies. That would allow Trump to declare a sort of victory, while people with intelligence would know that he will be out of office and the wall long forgotten before the studies are even completed. Which gives Pelosi a victory in that the government could then be funded and people could go back to work.
That's my take on it.

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