Friday, August 27, 2021

New Book coming out


Ladies and Gentlemen. Readers of all ages! Step right up! Step right up and get yourself a copy of the long-awaited new book by Peter Gorman, long an inhabitant of this fine planet Earth! And he's got stories to prove it, from Magic Mushrooms in India, and Kif in the Moroccan Rif, to Naked High School Swim Teams in New York City, and the inside look at making a feast in the Amazon!!!
    For the one-time low price of $17.95, this book can be read and reread because it will be all yours! Fed up with reading and rereading? Pass it on to the next, reader, or line the birdcage. A million uses: Let it gather dust on a bookshelf where it will make you look erudite to your friends for including this little collection among your classics!
    The catch? The book is still being copyedited so will not actually be yours for two or three weeks. Yes, you are being offered the opportunity to be a pre-publication purchaser! You get to build your anticipation! You just send money via paypal to and he promises to get it into your hands ASAP! Shipping for unsigned copies is included in the price if you can believe that! Shipping for signed copies in the USA is only an extra $8 bucks, making a total of $25.95 for a personally-signed-by-Gorman copy!!! Shipping costs for signed copies to foreign lands will be the cost of shipping it to your country. Some places charges' range up to more than the cost of the book. So order it unsigned if you live in New Guinea or Turkmenistan and sign it yourself from Peter G  to you! Who will ever know the difference???
     Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime (until the next book!) opportunity! Order yours today. Order several and pass them out to friends or put them under random windshield wipers at the mall! What could go wrong with that?
     Dear friends, don't let this opportunity pass you by. Get your several copies today!

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