Tuesday, August 24, 2021

What I'm talking bout being ill...

Don't start me talking, I'll tell everything I know.
Don't start me talking, I'll tell everything I know.
Somebody gonna testify, somebody gonna go.
That is how I feel today with my rants. I hope you are enjoying them rather than hating them, because I certainly am, and getting this stuff out of me is a big help. Thank you all for letting me vent.
So I have been complaining about illness. Well, here is were that comes into play. My oldest, Italo, replaced a water heater today but left a mess. The floor in the kitchen will take eight or 10 good mopping and then a couple of coats of good polish. And I am not strong enough to do that unless I took all freaking day.
And my roof needs changing. That should be nothing: Rent a dumpster, tear up shingles, rip up the underlying tar paper, replace bad 4 by 8 plywood sections as needed.
Staple new tar paper into place. Begin at the bottom and move up the roof stapling in the new shingles. Two three freaking days for two three amateurs, tops. Hall off dumpster. $4,000, including giving your friends some joints, a couple of shrooms, and a few hundred each.
But being ill I cannot do that. It stinks to feel so helpless that you can't even wash you floor or fix your roof. Gosh darn. That's what I was getting at with previous posts. Hope you all are not ready to commit haricari after reading these. Secretly, I have something to aim for and that is great!


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