Monday, October 12, 2009

Life 101--Again?

Well, finished a cover story today that's been fast and furious but which will win an award from someone, I think. Complicated issue made fascinating reading because the interview subjects were so available.
At the same time, about three days ago all the kids got sick, then Chepa and I got sick and I was late in getting the story in because I couldn't concentrate. So my boss hates me. And you probably know about the new green truck, the 1998 Ford Ranger with 160,000 miles finally losing it's timing belt on Friday while on Interstate 35 racing to Fort Worth. And then two magazines being late in paying me so I'm sort of screwed with this month's mortgage, though I will take it out of meager savings and pay the mortgage plus the near $500 extra I pay monthly to get that albatross off my back. But then the goats got out today so I was trying to finish the story and praying they'd stay in the unfenced front yard rather than go across the street and have someone crash into them; and at the same time praying that if anyone did crash into them it would be a big truck that wouldn't notice and would put them out of their misery quickly.
And then the last few hours trying to fix the fence the recent floods have downed so that I can keep the goats in: More than a foot of dirt has been deposited at it's base, knocking over the posts holding it up. Without materials to really fix it till tomorrow I was stuck using pieces of wood and rope: Ha! The goats area already laughing at me, I'm sure.
Then I called Chepa to see how she and the kids are feeling and suddenly it turned out that I was to blame that everyone has the flu. Or close enough to it to have it taken out on me.
So this ain't the best of the best times right this second. I covered my boss's butt by accepting to do a third cover story--along with three inside features, 15 short pieces for the Best of Issue and 6 other short pieces in the last 75 days--and I still suck. I paid for medicine, prescriptions (already bitched about the price in another entry), fruit, food and so forth for Chepa and the kids and I'm still a bum. And the cats think they're not getting their fair share while the Chickens and Ducks know it for sure!!!
Ah well, I'm laughing a little just writing this. These are not good things, but then they're not the kind of things that will kill me, so what the heck. I guess they will all sort themselves out tomorrow and I shouldn't even worry about them.
Thanks for listening. You've been a big help. I appreciate it.


The Grudge said...

Woah. That is a considerable amount of things being juggled aroud there. You are great Peter, and I am sure they will all fall into place. Thank you for writing.

Gritter said...

I am REALLY gonna have to get out there and help you out with that damn goat fence thing.