Saturday, October 03, 2009

Repeat of Selfish Post

Hello All: Okay, not saying I'm getting desperate but we're getting darned close. I want a trip in January to the Peruvian Amazon. I want the chance to introduce some of you to my team, the river, riverboats, speed boats, slow boats, swamps, high jungle, bathing with electric eels, swimming with river dolphins, ayanuasca, local magic mushrooms, the Matses' fantastic medicines Sapo and Nu-nu, our wonderful food, plant collecting, and a host of different things.
The problem is that only two people have actually sent me money for that. Which means I'm S out of Luck and my team, who sort of depend on me for a very good bump two or three times a year, is beginning to panic. So if you've been a fence sitter, if you wonder whether this is worth losing a few grand, including airfare, for 12 1/2 days of change, if you wonder whether you have the time, well, you don't NOT have the time. This is something special. Something pretty extraordinary and that ain't because of me. That's the river, the jungle, the people, the medicines, the food, the team, the sunsets, the animals, the lakes all talking. I'm just the guy who puts you in the right place at exactly the right time with the right people.
But I can't go with two people and a handful of promises. It costs two grand just for my ticket and my living expenses there, and two grand to pay my bills here for the time I'm there. So I need 6,7,10 people to come up with the desire to learn, to be involved, to be blown away, to have their internal clock stopped and restarted on a new wavelength.
So if you're wondering if it's worth it, the answer is yes. If you wonder if I'm lying, or exaggerating, the answer is no. This is something special and I want to do it.
We start on Jan 9th, the second Sat in Jan, and finish on Thursday, Jan 21 when I put you on your plane home.
So if you're thinking of signing up, please do.
All of you sitting on the fence? I'll have this trip be more than I'm promising.
That's the sell, folks. A lot of you readers--and I probably have at least two dozen readers--have been on this trip. If you think it was what I'm saying, jot a comment. Cause I'd really love to be there in January and I think people would have a very very interesting time if they were there as well.
Peter G


Kuchinta said...

I went into the jungle with Peter in July 2008 and it was an amazing trip! Eye-opening, ego-stripping and loads of fun. Bonded with the wonderful people in the group. Thanks for the experience and the memories, Peter!

Dr. Grossman said...

I would certainly go if I could. Just not possible right now. I've seen quite a few people with Peter just after they finished being in the jungle with him. To say they were in a state of extreme bliss would be an understatement. If you can go, go! Don't hesitate for a second.

Morgan said...

Gather up the courage, the cash, the flame, the fire, the fury... make the time, clear the space, buy the ticket, take the ride.

It is an awesome trip, a wild ride, full of magic, full of friends who become like family, full of rivers of surprises, flowing timeless time into the middle of the middle...

I simply cannot say enough good things about Peter and the Team (The Best Team in Upper Amazonia)

It's a down to earth, cosmically extraordinary, wonderfully tasty, totally wild, lovely and learning, down and dirty, up & at 'em experience. It grows on you and you grow on it.

Cloud-spirit said...

Hey Peter--I can't go any time soon, but someday, I hope, I will be out of this slump and able to visit you and Alan. It has always been my dream to visit the jungle and check on exotic plants and insects.

Unknown said...

My jungle trip with Peter and his crew came on my first trip to Iquitos nearly 2 years ago. Our group was an amazing mix of people and everyone gelled superbly .. All of us agreed it was an extraordinary week that will stay with us forever and that we were wonderfully looked after and in some cases cared for by Peter and his crew.
I have since been to Iquitos half a dozen times and there is nothing .. repeat nothing ,,, to compare with this.
It is a real experience for real people looking for a real communication ... don't sign up if you need hot showers and hairdryers !!
I am taking my son with me next time .. I can give no better recommendation than that.

Gritter said...

I was on the trip this past June and it is everything Peter says it is and MORE......MUCH MORE!!!

If you haven't gone , go. If you have gone , go again.

I would be following my own advice except that it is absolutely impossible for me to leave the country before February.

Thank you a thousand times over Peter. My life has been changed.

And, I WILL be going again!

Gritter said...

Hey Peter!!

I miss you man!

pablo said...

Peter takes this trip seriously - when on it I gained great respect for his crew - please don't miss an adventure of this magnitude - I will never forget it

The Grudge said...

If money wasn't the obstacle I would be on the list to go, but it is. Best of luck Peter!

George said...

Where's your website with all the trip info, including cost? How much would you charge if I were already down there and wanted to tag along when you go to the jungle for the aya experience.

The only site I could find hasn't been updated and still shows the 2007 trips.

George said...

BTW, that was me that sent the Friends Request on Facebook.