Saturday, October 17, 2009

Those dating services...

I know we all live in a busy world and that we sometimes might miss someone who would fit wonderfully into our lives by seconds, hundreds of times. So it makes sense that someone came up with dating services on the net.
But I've just spent hours talking with a friend after he was told his wife was advertising for a new husband on one of them. He had no idea, of course, and so is slightly devastated. And I'll bet more than a few husbands and wives have had the same experience. For many this is probably a reasonable way to lay off fantasy steam; for others a way to save the hassle of actually leaving their homes to try to meet someone. But for some, boy, it's a suck way to find out your wife is planning to leave you.
Other than that heartbreak and the rest of the world going to hell in a haybasket, this looks like it's going to be one hell of a day, with lots of manly work--more fence to fix after mud knocked a large section down that has allowed the goats to roam the neighborhood raining down havoc on everyone's Fall gardens, and then two large sections of eaves that need to be replaced.
I've got the materials; just don't feel like I've got the get up and go. But I will. It's time.
And then I've got a party to make for Italo, who turns 24 tomorrow. Party is today because he's got an away game tomorrow afternoon so he'll be off playing soccer in Lubbock or San Antonio or who knows where.
If he gets over the flu, that is. He's the last of the family to have it. Boy, that tore through us in the last couple of weeks: First was Madeleina, then Sierra, then Alexa, then Chepa and I got a short dose of it; then Marco got really nailed and finally Italo. Nothing dangerous but those kids were really knocked down hard. Glad they're mending.
I do love them all and hate to see them less than full-speed.
Have a glorious day, everybody!

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