Saturday, October 24, 2009

Life Changes

Well, fast as can be, things change. Marco, engaged a week ago, has (for now) broken up with his girl, or vice-versa, and he's broken-hearted and inconsolable. So he's signed up for the Air Force. And Italo didn't bother to drive the 40 miles from his school to see me or his ma, or his three sisters, or even his pregnant girlfriend, this weekend.
I might be getting vaklempt here. Too much drama and not enough Shakespeare.
Has anyone got a jar of shmaltz--skimmed and frozen chicken fat from roasting chickens--that I might shmear on a piece of rye bread to calm me down?
PS: Gritter: I'm not really eating shmaltz tonight. I'm eating along and making the left over shrimp from last night with Gritter Black. I'm hoping it's gonna be sort of fat free and fantastic. Just letting you know I'm thinking of you and your push to push Gritter Black to market. Plus, thinking about that new hunting lodge you're building. Hope it's beautiful, but that nobody ever actually kills anything. Am I allowed to root for that?
Meanwhile, Chepa and I are dreaming of the wonderful soups we're gonna be making with the chickens I'm growing. Is that hypocracy or what? I mean, just a few days ago one of the goats died. Because it died by choking to death, I didn't butcher it. But wouldn't it have been better to simply kill it and eat it, or at least feed it to Boots, the blind Wonderdog?
So who am I kidding.
So I'll revise: Build the lodge, and then kill only those animals who were going to die that day anyway. How's that.
Man, I'm just confused, I guess.
Where the heck is that shmaltz? I could use some comfort food.


The Grudge said...

Many times have I wished I had kept my mouth shut with regards to the woman I love. I never learn although I think I do. Best of luck Peter!

Gritter said...

I am very well known around this part of the US as the "Great White Hunter" and have a longstanding rep as "Da Man" when it comes to killing whitetail deer with gun, bow, and even spear! The lodge has been a longtime dream for me and now that I am "ready" to build it - I am NOT ready to build it! is directly YOUR FAULT! If I had not gone to Peru with you in search of a reconnection to the Force and clarity of thought on so many issues I would not be this way now. Something (among many things) happened down there with Heiro and Ms. Aya and it seems to be a permanent thing. I just cannot stand the thought of killing ANYTHING anymore - well - fish don't count. SO......I am just going to set about putting my energies into the GritterBlack business and let people sprinkle it on the animals THEY kill. I have decided not to build the lodge. I will honor those reservations I have for this year but no more.

Thanks Peter. I think :-)