Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm off; see you in a month or so

Okay: About to get in the car for the ride to the airport. It's sad. It's always sad for me to leave. And once I'm in Peru it's sad to come back. Oh, well. I picked it and despite its lousy moments it's a great life.
For all of you: I don't hit the computer much once I am in Peru. I don't have a laptop and don't like going to the public places too often. So I'm gonna say goodbye now for a little while. I'll be back in early March. I'll miss sharing stories with you all.
Stay safe. I'll be in touch soon.


Unknown said...

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Kuchinta said...

Have a wonderful time in the jungle, and say hi to your crew for me!

jdjdjfjdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdjfjfbt said...

Wow! I just read youre book "ayahuasca in my blood" its one of the very few books ive finished out of immense curiosity. Ive never done drugs, only been drunk once and only tested a ciggarette once. Still i can relate to these visions as i can see into the future when i get visions in my dreamstate. The book was a delight to read and terrifying, could barely sleep alone last night without the lights on, but ive finished the book today as i started yesterday with it. I could really feel within me by somehow i was there also as being apart of it, mostly because youre writing and that when i read the book becomes like a mental tv, showing me what you described. So at times i felt a huge love of life that was described or the horror of the vicious people involved, However im not afraid anymore. I could even find myself laughing at the comedy of what the spirits could laugh at your fear and you thinking of how stupid it is, it made my giggle from time to time. Or feeling the fearful perception of vanishing. So in a way it was a adventure for me as well, Thank you! However i think ill never will want to do ayahuasca until im sure i wont fall for the tricks, wich im already am but im already quite good of making things work out for me manually through meditation and intention, knowing the missuse of magic down there makes me feel quite liberated that the west is not in a cultural aware as it could be missused and it would propably a star trek war or something but im in deep respect of the amazonian culture and a new understanding of it ,D i loved the book!! In a weird way it feels like you helped me counsciously remember, that i was there in awe of you, laughing at you (in the best way possible with pure understanding that fear is not you and just looks funny on you) and calling you toward of enlightment. I know it sounds weird but thats what i felt and saw reading this and only time ive felt this strongly and saw it so powerful. Maybe ill see you for a trip in the future, again but in physical shoes ;) i would never write or speak to anyone about what ive experienced but i get a feeling that you get it ;) im living a happy life in scandinavia in my early 20, /Erik