Friday, May 18, 2012

I Am Slighly Pissed Off

Hello All: I'm slightly pissed off. Not your fault, but I'm gonna share with you because I've been here for years and this is the first time I feel wronged. Not that I have not been wrong before. I'm sure I have and I'm pretty sure someone has put me in my place now and then. But here is the deal: I've got my book, Ayahuasca in My Blood--25 Years of Medicine Dreaming out there. I think it's a pretty honest book. It's a good adventure book but it's also a book about a regular guy who wound up drinking aya for 25 years and learning something. Not enough. I think my book talks about a weak point--my drinking alcohol--a lot. I think I'm very honest about that and very honest about everything else. Now my book is sold on and people can put up reviews. So today a person put up a review that was not good. It's not the first. But I never responded to the other few bad reviews. I've been a writer long enough to know that while three people may love you, someone else hates you. So that's not my issue today. My issue today, and I am really livid about it, is that there is a new, anonymous, reviewer on, suggests that "Having a wide range of experience in Iquitos over a few year personally I know this book is completely made up.. could not even finish it.. the author is trying to come across as some enlightened guru yet In REALITY he is known around town for very questionable habits.. the book is 3rd rate fiction at best.." I have spent three-four months annually in Iquitos for 29 years. I married there. I had kids there. I had a bar there. I know my fuckups. I acknowledge them in the book in big BIG letters. So what I'm objecting to, publicly, is that this person suggests "he he known around town for very questionable habits..." I don't think I have any "questionable habits." Do I sometimes drink too much? Yes. Do I sometimes dance on the boulevard? Yes. Do I love living and all that? Absolutely. But this reviewer is suggesting more than that. And I don't know what he/she is suggesting. IF you were on my trip and wanted cocaine, you would lose the trip, pronto, as has happened. IF you were on my trip and wound up with a boy/girl/dog/chicken or whatever sex partner under 18 years old in human years, you would lose the trip. So I am very very upset that there is an anonymous person out there who suggests I have "questionable habits." I'm just me, with all my faults. But my faults are open for public discussion. To hint there are other faults bothers me, cause I think I've been honest with my book and my life without a hint of hiding anything. And I'm printing this here because some of you might know me, know my flaws, know my really bad imperfections. But I trust you also know I own up to them. Which doesn't forgive them, but does make this person's attack mean. Just trying to make the record clear. And if you agree with this person, by all means tell me. I just think the words "questionable habits" is very very loaded and I think it's unfair, considering who I am and who I have been for this life. Sorry to lay this on you. I'm just angry right now. I don't care if this person hates my book, that's fine. But suggestive allegations about my character are not something I'll put up with. Thanks for listening. I apologize for taking your time.


Devon said...
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Devon said...

Peter you are one of the most upfront and honest people i have ever met in my life, not to mention an all around good person. This person clearly knows nothing about you and is just trying to spread hate. Anyone who has spent anytime with you im sure would agree. You have all the right to be upset and complain about this person who claims to know your habits leaving misleading reviews hiding behind the name anonymous.

Spreading hate gets you no where in life. what goes around comes around.

Kuchinta said...

Peter, I agree with Devon.
To me, you are very REAL, and you have an incredibly big heart.
Whoever this reviewer is, shame on him for being closed minded! Also, if you take a look at his other Amazon reviews, you will notice that he writes nothing but bad reviews for his purchases. Quite revealing about his personality, I would think...
Be pissed, get it out of your system, and then let it go, my friend...There are so many whose lives you have touched and will continue to touch.
Love & blessings,

Dr. Grossman said...

If I may be so bold, I consider you a good friend. What that person posted borders on a kind of brujeria, designed to make you doubt yourself and to weaken you. Don't let it.

Bill and Christi said...

Don't let this weak, hiding in the shadows mother fucker get you down, Peter. Because of your own strength and integrity this person dare not let themselves be known. It's bullshit!

Kapilnath said...

Hi Peter,

It's called "envidia" isn't it? You wrote a really fine book people enjoy and take people to the jungle to experience la medicina for themselves. A dark heart wants to rain on the parade. How fitting they remain in the shadows. I'm surprised you haven't faced more of this type of BS given your visibility. Just outshine it and let the darkness creep off and return to the obscure fissure where it belongs.

Unknown said...

Started reading your book a few months ago, and love it. I don't know you, but it matters little because I know myself and accept that none of us is anywhere near "perfect" - I think your book is written as honestly as you felt the need to write it, and that's all that matters.

All I can say is, don't feed the trolls! By reacting, you give it more fuel than it would have otherwise - it's hard to withhold our reactions at times, but it is usually for the best.

By the way, thank you for writing the book - it has been, and continues to be, an enlightening read. :)