Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Gotta Do This Once--GO OBAMA!

So a friend of mine, a childhood friend whom I adore and was really thankful he got in touch a few months ago after 40 years--last year was big on that--passed along a nonsensical bullshit piece on how bad Obama is doing. It starts in early 2008 and charts the economy, the debt and so forth. It does not recognize that Bush was president through 2008 into Jan, 2009, or that the expenditures for most of 2009 went on the books in Sept, 2008 THROUGH Sept 2009 (sorry for shouting). It does not note that Bush kept his two wars off the books, or Medicaid Part D or that the jobs lost for at least the first six months of 2009 were already in the process of being lost by January, 2009, while Bush was still the big boss. So I had to respond to my friend and here's what I wrote.
Dear B: This is where we're gonna disagree. The budget until Sept, 2009 belongs to Bush because that's put in place before Obama took office. Then Obama added $2 trillion in debt from the two Bush wars, plus nearly $1 trillion in debt from Medicaid Part D, which Bush just left off the national debt. Then, half a trillion more comes from the continuation/curtailing/ending of the two bush wars. And another near half trillion comes from the continuation of Medicaid Part D. So at least $4 Trillion of Obama's $5.7 Trillion debt go directly to Bush, who simply kept that stuff off the official record.
Then Obama has added 2.4 million private sector jobs when he inherited an economy that was hemmorraging 700,000 a month, and no one can attribute the first several months of Obama's term to him, as those companies were already in process of losing those jobs when he took office.
So to be fair, Obama has been freaking brilliant, despite the most opposition from a filibustering Senate and a completely unresponsive, and ridiculous and morally sinful group of idiots in the House. Now despite that he's added jobs for 23 straight months. He pretty much personally risked his career on saving the auto industry. He ordered, went along with, however you want to say it, the taking out of Bin Ladin in a country where he risked an ally in doing so without their permission. He severely curtailed pirating in the Straits of Hormuz when he gave the okay for our sharpshooters to take out the pirates there.
He passed the very watered down but very very essential Affordable Health Care act which basically just limits how much useless insurance companies can scam out of the system.
He eliminated banks from the federal college loan program--banks that were taking our tax money and lending it to students with a pretty decent loan rate just for being the middle man between the feds and the kids.
He let Liz Warren come up with a plan that says that it's illegal for banks to automatically give people overdraft protection and now has to ask them if they want it. That seems small but it has saved people billions of dollars in the last couple of years. And I should know because my ex and my kids were paying two-three hundred bucks monthly for using that without understanding how it worked--that the money they deposited might not be credited for two or three days, during which each purchace was costing $39 in overdraft while the bank just held their money and didn't consider it deposited.
He also allowed Liz Warren to make credit card companies put a little note on their statements that lets people know that if they pay a little extra each month they'll save years off paying the card off--rather than having people think that paying the minimum will pay the card off.
Obama repealed Dont Ask Don't Tell, which allows gay people to serve in the military. And nobody in the military says it's falling apart because of it. The military supports it.
Obama came out for gay marriage. Not being gay, I might not care, but because my wife/ex still get to enjoy tax benefits from raising our kids/her new kids, well, I guess everybody should get those benefits.
Obama has fought to protect Social Security from being mercilessly slaughtered. For guys like me, who have paid into it since I was six years old--and I'm 61--well, that's not an entitlement, that's a forced savings account and I don't want anybody putting that out into the hands of the stock market.
And on and on and on. The guy has been too cooperative with a non-cooperative bunch that make up lie after charted lie. So, you got to not send me stuff I consider nonsense. Cause I love you, but if you let me know that you think like this, well, I may not respect you in the morning.


Dr. Grossman said...

Right-on, Sr. Peter.

Dr. Grossman said...

Right-on, Sr. Peter.
Thanks for saying what needs to be said, and isn't being said.