Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Chrirstmas, Everyone

Everyone: I hope this holiday season, however you celebrate it, is something special for you, your family, your friend. I hope the new year brings unimaginably wonderful surprises that upend your world and leave you gasping for breath for the glory of it all. I hope all of you get to feel the spirit of the plants, the spirit of your ancestors', the love of your parents and children and friends.
    If we could each feel that love, accept it, digest it, serve it back up to someone else, well, the world would have a lot more love in it than it currently has. So take it, hold it, share it. You and I are family and you and your friends are family to me. It might be distant but we are all one family. Let's make this family rock. Let's make this family sing in harmony. We don't need no stinking hegemony, we just need harmony. And you have the spirit. You have the courage. Start it, spread it. If we could ever get  7 Billion people singing the same song at the same time all over this world, the healing would begin. And it would begin ferociously. Happy new year, everyone. Let's start a song that brings us all together because we are just a family. Broken a lot, but still a family.


Bill Freimuth said...

This is the nicest holiday message I've read this season. Thanks, Peter--and back at you!

Graccus said...

Exactly my sentiments. Thanks again for your friendship and stay healthy this year!
Mike in New Mexico