Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Talking Tea Party Dopes...

So a friend asked me what TPP meant. I thought they meant what it meant on Text, so I looked it up and it meant Third Party Position, or something like that. Later, I was told it meant Tea Party Patriots--what an idiot I am. So then I wrote a private letter to my friend, sort of insane, but here are my feelings on the freaking Tea Party:
T: I'm not sure what you were asking me this morning, which is why I didn't reply. You asked what I thought about freedom, monopoly, self-reliance and so forth. Later you asked what TPP meant. I thought you were asking, in general, what that meant in slang, and in slang it generally means Third Party Perspective.
   It could also mean Tea Party Patriots, of course.
I have a real real real problem with the Tea Party. They are owned outright by the Koch brothers, the single dirtiest/most immoral privately owned company in the world. The individuals in the Tea Party swear they are for smaller government, more self-reliance and so forth, but they are owned, politically by two brothers--there are three in all--who are 1) philanthropists; 2) Killers; 3) union busters; 4) people who spend billions to get around clean air and clean coal/oil regulations. They own the single biggest amount of Canadian Tar Sands, for instance, which will kill tens of thousands of people here if the Keystone pipeline is allowed to be built while not producing a single, NOT ONE, new job to the USA. They run coal plants that they don't want to bring into the 21st century: Coal plants that are killing tens of thousands of people every year to keep their profits high to the detriment of tens of thousands; they want to clear cut national forests; they run ALEC, the right-wing group that writes legislation for Republicans that benefits the companies that support ALEC, which include the Koch Brothers. And they INVENTED the TEA PARTY! There would not be a single person running for office, or who ran for office in 2008 or 2010 or 2012 who was a Tea Party type--meaning very very stupid, very very selfish, very very stupid again--without the blessing and money of the Koch Brothers. They are the evil among us. They are the freaking devil and the Tea Party is their spawn. The people in the tea party cannot see this, of course. They are blind, dumb, out of touch with reality. They want less government but don't want medicaid  or social security touched. Those, along with the fire department, the police department, the people who maintain streets, lights, the post office, are all socialism. True socialism. So the Koch brothers have the TPP completely fooled into thinking they want individualism while backing socialism. Oy vey, I'm nearly Verklempt!
    I have never heard a tea party politician or member say a coherent sentence. They are terrified of the nigga in the white house, while not understanding that that man is not the servant, the whites are his servants. He's brilliant, whether you like him or not. He's fantastic, whether you agree with him or not. There has not been a taint of scandal--and I mean real scandal--with this administration: Reagan had 173 people in his administration indicted for felony offenses!!!!!
     Nobody in the Tea Party recognizes that they are pigs with rings through their noses being led by some of the most evil people who every lived on this earth--think a real live devil and you'll be close. I'm sorry for them because they cannot think. They watch FOX news and don't realize that it is incorporated as a comedy channel that is forbidden to produce news because it is incapable. They listen to the drug/drink addled Limbaugh and think he makes sense just because he talks fast enough so that you don't hear what he says--which is twaddle. They think Jerry Falwell is a preacher even after the blowjobs in the limo caught on tape and the story of talking to the 700-foot- tall Jesus.
    These are people who do not rely on themselves. They have no valuable opinions, they are not self-made but mass produced.
    You asked me what I thought and I'm telling you. I got my first job at 5  years old, taking in the neighbors' trash cans. I worked at Louies' candy store making egg creams at 9. I had a double paper route at 10, and the numbers of my routes were 37 and 43, which meant that the bigger kids got to put me on a table, take my shirt off and hit me in the abdomen 80 times each, hard as they wanted, as my initiation. I took a lot of hits, some with rings. I bled for days. I was 10-years old. A couple of years later I was inserting 2500 New York Times and other Sunday newspapers each weekend, meaning I was moving 20- 40 tons of paper in 12 hours.
    I know work. I know the Tea Party. They are not workers. They wouldn't have the guts to clean dishes at 175 degrees for 16 hours in a New York restaurant--which also means moving about 30 tons in that time--without a break.
   Me? I'll take a dishwasher as the most important person in the universe. When he/she earns more than the Waltons, we'll have a level playing field, finally. Because the dishwashers and guys who move sofas could always be brain surgeons--but I never met a brain surgeon who could be a dishwasher.
   Just flying a few thoughts out there. Sorry if I sound ruffled, but the TPP are the stupidest group of misguided dopes I've ever seen, and that includes a lot LOT of dopes. They're being dragged around by two of the richest men in the world and don't even recognize that they are enslaved. That's bad. That's dangerous.
    Not sure if I answered your question. I probably just needed to blow off steam. No offense meant at all: These are just general thoughts about what TPP might mean, which is what you asked me, which is where this all started.
    I love you and B and you are welcome at my house any time, day or night, no political talk. I promise.
Peter G

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