Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Spirit, New Furniture...

So someone in deep depression has written me again asking where I go to drink ayahuasca and whether he/she will ever be able to feel whole again. This is what I wrote:

I sing a lot here at home. I sometimes do ceremonies here. I go to the jungle a couple of times a year and spend some days being very quiet while my guests drink the medicine and sometimes I have a little too. Can you feel good again? Yes. Will you? That is up to you. If you fall in love with feeling badly, then you will have a hard time letting that go. And if you don't let that go, there won't be room for the good feelings to come into you. You are going to have to make some space for feeling like you used to feel--or better. And right now a lot of your space is taken up with negativity--at least that's what I think you're telling me. So you have to get rid of some of that negativity to make space for positivity. Hard, I know, but not very different than wanting to put new furniture in a room. If the room is already filled with old furniture, there is no room for the new furniture. So you have to let go of that old stuff, just pick it up and throw it out, then clean the room, maybe paint it, and then there will be room for the new furniture.
Good luck,
Peter G

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