Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A beautiful 25 Minute Dish

So I had to go to the Fort Worth Weekly offices today because I've got the cover story tomorrow--please see it as it's important: fwweekly.com--and had to be there for last minute questions, photo cut lines, cover approval and whatnot.
    Well, Madeleina was getting off at 8 PM, and I didn't even leave for the city till 6 PM and didn't get back till 9:15 PM. Madeleina was bordering on sleep, Chepa, who picked her up from band practice, was waiting patiently until I returned. Time for a quick meal.
    I took out four half-breasts of chicken and put on a really good made in the USA saute pan on high heat. When it was hot I added olive oil suffused with fresh garlic--but held back the garlic itself.
    Washed the half-breasts, paper-toweled them dry and when the oil was ready to burst into flames, put the chicken in the saute pan. It sizzled.
    Put cracked black pepper and sea salt on the chicken.
    Got scallions, Roma tomatoes, cilantro out of the fridge.
    Cleaned, trimmed and sliced 8 scallions into small pieces. Cleaned, trimmed the tops and diced 3 Roma tomatoes. Cleaned and minced half a bunch of organic cilantro.
     Turned the chicken when I was done cutting veggies: It was golden brown on one side.
     In a separate, but good made in USA saute pan I put chopped garlic in olive oil. When that got hot I added the scallions. When they were nearly see-through I added the tomatoes. When they were just beginning to soften I added a can (yes, can, sorry!!!!) of organic black beans to the mix. Cooked at high heat for five minutes or so, till I got bored stirring, then turned the heat down, added cracked black pepper and a little organic free range chicken stock--Yes, I know that's made with dead chickens!!!--and let it simmer.
    I added garlic in olive oil to the pan with the half-breasts of chicken and let the juices start to marry and thicken a bit.
    When the beans, garlic, tomatoes and scallions were the right consistency, I added the cilantro and let it cook for three minutes. Then I served a portion of the veggies and beans into a shallow bowl and topped it with half a chicken breast. I squeezed a lime onto the chicken breast and beans, then poured about a teaspoon of the garlicky pan juices from the chicken on that.
    From start to finish it was about 23-25 minutes, including most of the clean up. Man, that was a good quick meal. And it would have been good even if it took two hours. But it didn't cause my baby was hungry and I had to move like lightning. I can really zoom around a kitchen.

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