Monday, June 01, 2015

A really good hour

Well, it's been a really good hour. First off, I found out I'm a finalist for Journalist of the Year in Texas with the Houston Press Club, the premier press club in Texas. I don't know if I'm a finalist in the "Under 50,000" category or the "Over 50.000 category" but I'm in there somewhere. I've won it twice and came in second a couple of years ago. Winning it is a big deal because there are some very, very good journalists here in Dallas, Houston, Denton, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, Amarillo, Lubbock, Odessa, El Paso and elsewhere. When I've lost in the past, I always look at the winning entries and the judges--generally a big time university program from another state--has always been right. The work that has beaten me has been exemplary! I try to keep upping my game to stay on top, but it's hard, hard, hard.
    Then, I got notice that Shaman Portal--just plug in great resource, named my book Sapo in My Soul, as their Book of the Month.
    Then, I got word that I will have access to the fantastic Fort Worth Davidson rail yard in a couple of days--it's the heart of this city and I really want to climb into an engine and drive that baby a little ways.
    Then a check I've been waiting for arrived.
    Then, several sticks of sapo, which I thought were lost in the mail, arrived. And they are beautiful, filled with wonderful medicine.
    And now I'm gonna start cooking dinner. And tomorrow someone comes to put in a new septic tank since the rain we've had crushed ours.
Is that a good hour or what?
Thanks, universe!

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