Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Someone Asked about Chikungunya virus

Someone Asked about Chikungunya virus. It's in a class of viruses known as alphaviruses, which he/she said were epidemic in some parts of the Caribbean, Columbia, and Venezuela. He/she said that "macrophages infected by 
the virus persist in the synovial (joint) tissue long (sometimes years) 
after the infection has been defeated by the body's immune system, 
leaving no traces in the blood."
    He/she then said they'd had sapo, which relieved symptoms for three months, but that after three months a neck ache began that spurred on an entire systemic polyarthritis. He/she wanted to know if the Sapo/Kambo could have been responsible for the serious relapse, and what could he/she do to eliminate the chronic pain caused by the polyarthritis. I'm not a doc, as you all know. But stil, I had to try to help. This is what I wrote:

X: Well, you've acquired one of the few diseases in South America that I have not had the pleasure of having. There are not many that have missed me over the years. So you need to understand that the comments I'm about to make deal with the general polyarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis and not your specific type of arthritis. These are general comments. And I'm not a doc but will put the question to a friend of mine who is and has dealt with a great deal of illness in Central and South America. I will pass along his comments when I get them in a day or two.
     My feelings: the single best natural medicine I know for boosting the immune system and alleviating the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, bursitis and so on is Una de Gato, cat's claw. Having spent six months in a hospital and a couple of additional years very, very sick with juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as a youngster--which periodically attacks me as an adult--I can vouch for the medicine. Three/four sticks of good Una de Gato in three liters of water, steeped just to the point of steaming--way below boiling--for about 12 hours, will yield 1 to 1 1/2 liters of the dark, sour medicine. One gulp in the morning and one at night and your T-cell count bounces 20-50 points per day. For those suffering from severe auto-immune problems--AIDS, for instance--that bounce of several hundred T-cells in just a couple of weeks can make the difference in living or dying. 
     So for any arthritis issues, or any auto-immune issues, I suggest Una de Gato as a first line of defense.
     But Sapo/Kambo cleans at a much deeper level. It is a restart button on your entire system. Because it is bioactive--better stated: Because the peptides in Sapo/Kambo are bioactive--it does no harm. What it does is sweep the garbage out of your system. I'm sure you know that. It eliminates toxins from organs, veins, arteries. I do not think it would have, or could have, been the spark that caused the pain in your neck. Rather, I think the stiffness in your neck, which led to the polyarthritic condition, was simply the disease fighting to stay alive. Diseases, like the rest of us, do not like being killed. 
     So if you were my patient--and I know you are not, and that my comments are general in nature--what I would probably recommend is regular use of Una de Gato--three weeks on, three weeks off--along with a Sapo/kambo regimen of TWICE daily use for three-five days, then a week off, then another three-five days of twice daily use, then a week off and then a third round of three-to-five days of twice daily use. I think that would eliminate the problem for good. I do understand that the Yaminawa suggest doing it every other day. But I was taught by the Matses, who did it differently. Either way would do your body good, but I can only recommend the way I was taught.
    And there is no issue with taking the Una de Gato and Sapo/Kambo simultaneously.
I hope that helps.
Peter G

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