Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A little something about sapo/kambo frog medicine

On a FB page I am associated with, people were discussing the use of saliva versus water for moistening the frog medicine. i was going to stay out until someone put my name in there and asked what i thought. This is what I wrote:

In my experience with the Matsés. only a strong person would serve the medicine, and their saliva included their spirit, so that the recipient was getting the medicine along with the strong spirit of the server. Same with nü-nü; the person blowing the medicine into you was sharing part of themselves with their breath. Of course, in these current times it is probably better to serve yourself or use your own saliva. But I'll be getting back to tradition as soon as I feel it safe enough.

Someone responded to that with a question about how I actually mixed the medicine. This is what I wrote:

For mixing, I put a little saliva (very clean, freshly brushed teeth, a gargle with a mouth wash, a small bit of agua florida, then a little water and then wait 10 minutes--no hocking loogies!) on a cleared spot on the stick, then, with a very sharp knife run that over a tiny bit of the medicine to moisten it, then scrape that moistened medicine into the saliva on the stick. Mix well and there you have it. i do understand some people have issues with this method of application. But it is the only way I do it. I always have a song to sing and a few ministrations to do before I mix and serve the medicine to make certain I am centered, clear, and strong enough to do the work required -- which is exhausting.


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Jenni said...

Hey Peter, are you doing OK? It has been a long time since you posted, and with the pandemic, well... We've never met, but I'd still miss you if you were gone. (I guess it doesn't have to make sense.) Hope you and your loved ones are well.