Sunday, December 06, 2020

Trump Dementia

 A friend of mine is a Trumpster. When she writes I have to contradict her. Today she claimed that I have never produced exact points to prove my point. So I gave her this round up:

He left our allies, the Kurds, to be slaughtered when he sent our military to protect Iraq's oil. He is leaving Yemen and Somalia to be slaughtered without our military training. He has dropped twice the number of drone bombs that Obama did while pretending to be disengaged from foreign engagements. he has sold more military death equipment to the mid-east than any previous president. He ignored Putin putting a bounty on our soldiers with the Taliban. He has overseen the worst pandemic in 100 years in this country with joyfulness as our friends have died from it. HE has overseen the worst depression this country has ever had and joyfully rolls in the suffering of citizens. He has had millions and millions of dollars directed to his golf courses, hotels and so forth, completely against the law. He promised infrastructure and never gave a hint at what that would be. He promised to bring jobs home but kept his own factories in China and lost millions of jobs here through his inane trade misques. He promised to give us healthcare but has not bothered with that. He has spent billions on a total of a new "WALL' with Mexico which totals six miles but has lined his friends pockets with billions. He has rolled back restrictions on clean water and air, he had claimed that windmills cause cancer and kill millions of birds. HE IS, in short, a madman. You want to get into this, I'll be glad to go toe to toe.

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