Monday, August 30, 2021

Comment on War in Afghanistan and Our Exit

 A friend or three were discussing the slightly messy exit from Afghanistan that began in mid-August. How much the media has piled on Joe Biden, as if it was his war, for the exit's messiness. Naturally, I had to chime in:

The entire event in Afghnistan, from inception to evacuation, has been a clusterfuck. Who did we think we were going in ——not just for a short term goal, but for the freaking long haul—to a place that devours empires and leaves tragedy in its wake? Was it ever going to be nice announcing that we were leaving? Of course not. Every faction wants to get a shot in on the USA. so it sucks, and I feel awful for the pain suffered by those soldiers and Afghanis slaughtered needlessly yesterday. And there might be more. I pray there won't be. But the fact that our inept pentagon managed to rescue considerably more than 100,000 people in two weeks is a testament to the focused intention of the people on the ground doing the work. And to the pilots; and to our allies in that work. And certainly to a very beleagured Joe Biden, who was dumped down a well of shit by his predecessor and is doing his damnest to climb out. I have faith. He seems to have surrounded himself with intelligent people who care about things. Does not mean we get out unscathed, but less pain is better.

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Stefan said...

Agree completely. Biden was handed a wet paper bag of shit, and did admiringly well without blaming others for his errors. Could it have been better? Absolutely - EASY to say so NOW - but given it was ALWAYS going to be some degree of clusterfuck, it's pretty damn good.
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