Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a Gorgeous Day

Well, after a couple of days during which rain fell so hard and wind gusted so heavily it felt like not just the house but the whole of Joshua was going to float away, this morning broke clear and crisp and clean. If today's not the first day of Spring it sure could be. It is so flat out gorgeous out there that after another cup of coffee I'm headed out to the yard to mow some lawn, and I'm looking forward to it.
And it's gorgeous too because Madeleina has this week off--she had a bowling birthday party to attend last night and had a blast--and Italo is watching soccer on the tv in this office I'm working in.
I'm getting everyone's passports renewed: not sure if they'll actually do it but they're all asking to come with me to Peru in June. I'll be there for work but Chepa will be there to get some dental work done. I'd love to take Madeleina out to the jungle with me and my guests: It's been six years since she's been out there and she would be a wonderful addition to my hearty band of trusting guests. If they saw her in a canoe at night it would reassure them that there are no cayman in the water. HA!
Anyway, if I was there while Chepa was there it would be difficult--lots of old ghosts might decide to clutter my dreams. But I'm strong enough now to not let it get out of hand or tie me in knots. I think. (Suck it up, Gorman).
Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I hope that wherever you are it's just as beautiful.
And DaisyDukes, just a quick hello. I don't comment but I do read your great blog.


bamboo said...

I look out my back door and see roughly 3 1/2 feet of heavy wet snow. But you know what? Your completely right, this is a beautiful day.

Jenny said...

No matter what the day is like, no matter what the temperature... I'm much happier. Thank you Peter Gorman.- Jenny

Peter Gorman said...

Fantastic. That's what's supposed to happen.

daisyduke said...

thank you Peter; I didn't know anyone actually went there anymore...