Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Regards Monday's List

Well, regards Monday's list, I kept going in the role of Dad and the list, with the exception of photos to the new magazine, is done. We also tossed in a couple of oil changes, a car registration, a painted bathroom, paying bills for the month and some other things. If you want to check out the new story in the Fort Worth Weekly, go to
and see the cover story: Blue Collar Paradise.
So while this isn't a blog of much import, I thought it important to let you readers know that I try to follow up on my lists. And since you paid attention, I thought it only fair to let you know where I stood.
PS: I didn't quit smoking. I was only fooling myself with that one. But the reasonable part of the list, though it took maybe 48 hours of work, did get done. Hooray!
And Bamboo: A private note: How was the coffee? Great, I hope.


bamboo said...

Seems like the harder I work for that one cup, the better it tastes.

Good job on the list!

starshine12 said...

U better quit smoking, I'm telling you brother, you have overcome many things in your life like most soldiers, and it looks like you have one challenge in your book, maybe is about time you take the "I'll quit smoking" challenge today.