Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday AM List

Okay, well it's 6:23 AM on Monday morning. I've had my first sip of cofee and am sitting at the computer. I was going to read the New York Daily News to get the day going but then I noticed one of my yellow pads to my left has a list. I take a moment then remember that just before bed last night I made a list of things to do so I'd be organized todays.
1) Go eat at the Chinese place and write a food review
2) Rewrite cover story for the Weekly.
3) Finish and send in the papers for Italo and Marco's Green Card Renewals. Don't forget the check.
4) Make phone calls for the small feature due Friday.
5) Drive to city, pick up check and the Freedom of Information Act info the city sent regarding Friday story.
6) Take out two truckloads of garbage with Marco or ITalo.
7) On way back from garbage dump have both trucks' oil changed
8) Have little green truck inspected.
9) Have Italo's car registered
10) Stop at Western Union and send $515 to Ruber to pay for the cabins on the boat for the May Amazon trip
11) Don's forget to get picture taken for new column in business magazine. IMPT.
12) Quit smoking
13) Begin diet
14) Exercise
15) Make up with Chepa so that I can visit with Sierra. Haven't seen her in four days

Looks like a full day. Better get to it, eh?


laurettalynne said...

OK, this is how I quit smoking... you have to WANT to be a non-smoker more than you want to smoke. So quit buying them! and try Nicorette, it works to help you break the habit. God knows you're busy enough to not even think about it after three-four weeks!

bamboo said...

Now THAT is a list.
Bamboo's list:
1. But coffee before wife figures out we have none.
2.Make said coffee..